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Interview about Saudi Arabia’s traditional food

How to make Kabsa?
Manal said first roast onion with oil until it becomes a yellow. Second, cut tomato 1 piece and mix all. And then put the meat (camel, lamb), chicken or fish. Last put the spicy pepper, salt, rice and water.

UCAELI Newsmakers

By Seonmi Kim:

Kabsa is a very popular traditional food in Saudi Arabia and there are many
kinds of Kabsa. Kabsa needs various ingredients to flavor the food. In Korea,
people eat cooked rice every day with various side dishes. Sometimes, I make
food by mixing cooked rice with side dish. In that case, the mixed food is similar
to Kabsa if side dishes include meat and vegetables. Of course, I add various
ingredients like salt, red pepper paste and soy sauce. I think camel and lamb
are popular meat in Saudi, but Korean like to eat beef, pork and chicken.

My interviewees are Manal and Mohammed. I had 5 questions about Saudi
Arabia’s traditional food.

1. What are your favorite traditional foods?
Mohammed’s answers were Kabsa and Mofattah.

2. When do you eat?
Mohammed said they eat it at lunch and dinner every day and during Ramadan season.

3. How…

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