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Exposing another Deviant Bilal Philips



The following is an excerpt from Edip Yüksel’s recent book Running Like Zebras, Brainbow Press

 Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is:

a)      A Salafi scholar
b)     An accomplice for murder
c)     A hoaxer
d)     A geocentric antique
e)     A slanderer enemy of the Prophet Muhammed
f)      A number-phobic innumerate

g)     A father of 20 children from four concubines

h)     Some of the above
i)      All of the above

Who is Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips? For sure, he puts a Dr. before his name. In fact, he loves that title and uses it as a prefix for his name everywhere. So what? What is wrong with someone with a doctorate degree to put the word Dr. before his name? I have no problem with that, but here there is more to that title than meets the eye. Before you are impressed by his academic credentials, you should first know about where he got most…

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