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US ‘democracy promotion’ in Ukraine is about dominating ‘Greater Middle East’

“Obama wants Saudi Arabia to destroy Russian economy.” ======>>

Friends of Syria

Photo: US Secretary of State John Kerry and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, reportedly made a pact to wage an energy war (AFP)

Kerry and Abdullah’s plan was to damage Russia, Iran, Syria and Venezuela’s economies, thereby curtailing their geopolitical clout

Russia’s decision to stop shipping gas to Europe through Ukraine is the latest in a series of geopolitical moves and counter-moves that is unravelling the apparent “détente” of the post-Cold War era.

While Putin’s imperialist ambitions in Ukraine are clear for all to see, less attention has been paid to US strategy, which aims to destabilise Russian influence and cement its domination of Eurasia and the Middle East.

Last year, in a meeting on 11 September between US Secretary of State, John Kerry and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the two governments reportedly made a decision to join forces in launching an energy war by getting Saudi Arabia to…

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