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Redesigning money for well-being and happiness


Philosophers for Change

by Mark Anielski

“One must make a new system that makes the old system obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller

The greatest threat to the pursuit of genuine happiness and well-being is our current debt-money system. In the face of an international debt-crisis, it is remarkable that there is no serious discussion about the nature of money, or about how, and who creates our money. While meaningful conversations about alternative measures of progress (e.g. Gross National Happiness, Genuine Progress Indicators) are now under way, these efforts will ultimately fail without understanding that the current debt-based money system must be fundamentally restructured. The majority of the world’s current challenges (poverty, climate change, rising inequality, and ecological destruction) can be readily resolved by acting upon the wisdom of both our ancient cultures (e.g. Sumeria, Greece, ancient Israel), historical leaders (e.g. Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln) and a remnant of modern economists and leaders who understand that…

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