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The Rafidi heresies sourrounding Laylat Al-Qadr – Hideous as usual

In the name of Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq =====>> ‪#‎Rafidi‬ ….. ‪#‎Shia‬ ….
how can Al-Sadiq teach people to call Imam no. 7,8,9,10,11 and even the twelfth Imam when none of them (those after Al-Sadiq) were born yet (at his time)?!?

You have probably seen it, especially in this age of social networks. The thing the Rafidah do in Ramadhan. Yes, it’s about the hideous and (obviously) heretical looking practice of the so called ‘true followers of the Sunnah, the followers of the Ahl Al-Bayt” etc. on the (awaited) night of Laylat Al-Qadr when they put the Qur’an on their heads (instead of reciting them, they recite Shirki Du’as), similar to to donkeys and the Yahood:


The Sabaite Rafidah have taken this practice from the Jews. What you see above is a Jew and the thing on his head is actually (parts) of the Torah! That thing is called “tefillin” (mentioned in the Torah as “totafos”, and often seen in English translations as “frontlets”). They contain parchments with verses from the Torah. During the weekday morning service, one of the boxes (the “Hand t’filluh”) is placed upon the
left arm…

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